Underground railways, bombsites and Jack the Ripper

May 9, 2011

This is where I found the photos of the Mail Rail.

And here’s the Crossrail website. There’s also a little exhibition, with a model, at Idea Store Whitechapel. Or at least there was last time I looked.

There are various photos and website of the effects of bombing on the Eastend, of course, but this photo is the one I brought with yesterday, as it’s an aerial view of the whole area. The big fork is where Commercial Road splits from Whitechapel Road and once you’ve got that it’s possible to work out the rest.

All the Jack the Ripper stuff I mentioned is from this site: Casebook: Jack the Ripper and there is a map here. While on the subject of human suffering and human cruelty, Joseph Merrick (the ‘elephant man’) was discovered on display just yards from the end of our line and then taken over the road to the Royal London Hospital. And yards from the start of our line is first site of the Bedlam Asylum (1377-1666), between Liverpool Street and New Broad Street.

Finally, this might be worth a look: http://eastlondonhistory.com/

Anything else interesting that I find, I shall post. Please everyone else – feel free to do the same!


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