A London site that interest Present Attempt

May 22, 2011

Present Attempt will respond to Hope Square where we started the walk in front of Liverpool Station. We became interested in Hope Square as a busy place of passage in contrast to the immobility and stillness of the bronze statues of refugee children, a memorial to Jewish refugees of the second world war. Since the walk we have found that the site resonates with the context of the project in multiple ways. Amongst other associations, the statue and Hope Square point to the state of emergency of contemporary cities, travels between London and Lahore and more importantly brings us back to the question of perception of everyday places or spaces and the possibility of looking at a place anew, with a naïve eye, as if you were seeing it for the first time. We are thinking that video or audio would most probably become the medium for further explorations.


One Response to “A London site that interest Present Attempt”

  1. Ayesha Kamal Bhatti said

    Oh great!
    Like we discussed earlier during the SKYPE meeting, that there is an element of stillness in a place of transit. I think this is applicable to both our points. Mine bieng a railway station as well and just like your Railway Station has a history with WWII, mine has a history with the partition of India and Pakistan when trains were an easy target for being torched or raided and usually trains got to the Lahore Station all burnt or massacred, but still people waited in hope.
    I would not like to bring this directly to my topic but I just felt you guys needed to know this. Both the Train Stations have been linked to war and there is a presence of silence as well as noise in such places. Just like there is a balance of War and Hope in both these places.

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