TBC shouting out to Lahore

May 31, 2011

TBC Artists’ Collective in London have a couple of questions for the artists in Lahore – any help would be much appreciated.

We are making a publication to document the research, ideas and drawings we are making for Slice. The publication will be made in an edition of two, one of which we’ll archive in the British Library in London, and the second we’d like to deposit in an archive in Lahore. Could you make any suggestions of relevant places we might send the publication?

Secondly, during the meeting on Saturday Zahra showed us some photographs of the ten places on the Lahore slice that you are working with. One of the places is a pedestrian tunnel that has some similarities to the passageway that we are working with. Could one of you provide us with the measurements of the inside of the tunnel?

Thanking you in advance,

Bebe, Charley, Laura and Paul • TBC Artists’ Collective.


4 Responses to “TBC shouting out to Lahore”

  1. Sounds great!!
    It could be archived at the National College of Arts Library. So most of the stuff that goes into the publication will be from the blog?

  2. Hey Fatima,
    Thanks for that, the library at the National College of Arts sounds great. We’re not entirely sure of the content of the publication yet, we did some filming this week and have some drawings that might constitute documentation of the work TBC are making for Slice. We’ll be in touch with more info when we have some, and to discuss how we might deposit the publication in the library. Thanks again!

  3. asifkanji said

    I think this tunnel comes in the space allotted to me.

    Don’t know the exact dimensions of it w = 2 m, h = 2m , l = 10 m approx. I’ll go back to the site and check.

    We can work on it, mix & fix.

  4. Thank you for your reply! We have just made a post describing how we intend to use the dimensions. The tunnel draws some parallels with the space we are using in London.

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