thinking out loud

June 2, 2011

On many days like the day we visited the Lahore end of Slice, I think of the colour of Lahore. Islamabad(our home city) is easily a cold grey with all the concrete that invades it- if you ignore it’s green and the hills you will find the ground to be grey, the structures standing very grey, and the sky too is mostly just grey in Islamabad. On the contrary, Lahore is very warm, all tones are warm, the weather, the sun, the traffic that welcome the donkeys and the rickshaws(a very bright, smart, loud, small vehicle, a three wheel motorbike of a kind with a small comfortable cabin for passengers) , the structures- a warm, dusty, alive reddish brown maybe and the Lahore end of Slice in particular a denser, dustier brown maybe.

There is a certain kind of liberation one feels along with a sense of awkwardness when one is dislocated in their own home. You’re not sure if anything jumps out as distinct or if everything just starts to feel more loaded than you remembered it to be. This exercise is very helpful and exciting when you really drill out of yourself an outsider who is as much of an insider at the same time. I repeat, an outsider and insider at the same time, for no one role should dominate your work. If it does, we’re almost taking advantage of that self-acclaimed designation, rather than arriving at something new. Don’t you think!?


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