Gujja peer and the tree

June 12, 2011

in my first visit to the point, i stood outside the shrine for some time. saw people stopping by in front of the black opening for the daily quick performance… the must do ritual… the little black opening had two “dea” (oil candles),  a metal door with a tiny slit for donation secured by a thick metal bar and two big metal locks. the name of the shrine ” Baba Gujja Peer”  was engraved on a white  marble piece above this opening. people on cycles, motorbikes, rickshaws or even on foot paused for a few min… prayed, donated and touched the oil of the “dea” for good luck and blessings.

this might look like a quite shot but the noise around it was an experience i could not miss!!!

this tree growing out of the concrete structure was the other fascinating part of the mysterious shrine.

a lot is cooking in my mind. the black prayer hole, the tree, the railway line right behind the shrine, the noise around this place and much much more…


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