June 14, 2011

Shamim Azad and I walked the London slice the other day. What with sheltering from the rain, stopping off for a delicious lunch and the fact that, in the Brick Lane area Shamim gets recognised every few yards, it took us a couple of hours. Well-spent hours, mind you. It started with what seemed like an auspicious sign for an artwork that will use words: letters, caught in Liverpool Street roof structure, awaiting meaning.

The plan, roughly speaking, is for Shamim to work with a group from the community to create something. I’ll then help turn it into a suitable form for the website and installation. One idea is to work with parents to use both visual elements and words to share their experiences of arrival in the area with their children. But it might all change, so I’ll say no more just now!

We met a teacher Shamim knows from Christ Church School, which is a lovely old building, right in the heart of Brick Lane. The slice passes right through it. It’d be great to get the kids involved with the project at some stage.


One Response to “Words”

  1. Shamim Azad said

    Session with BSK (www.bsklondon.co.uk) went on well. But the challenge was bigger when we had children as well. Though the room was a small and we were too many and the day was hot and sticky. But hurray we have done it. We shall show you pictures soon.

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