16th June – Another response from Steve (in London) to Nida (in Lahore)

June 16, 2011

Hi Nida

Thanks once again for getting this exchange up and posted on the blog. The last section about the Taweez being tied in the tree is very interesting. Would they be solely religious or could they have been tied there for other reasons?

As I said I’m thinking of collecting the names of those who people would like to tell that they love them. Perhaps I could send those names to the shrine tree in Lahore and they could be tied to the tree as a symbol of the lengths we will go to for the ones that we love? And perhaps you could send something in exchange, to be tied to the tree here in London?? Although now looking at a picture of the I Love U tree (inserted below) all the branches are pretty high so that may be rather difficult (as my tree climbing days are not at their best!!…) but perhaps we could find a way of tying some Taweez to it in a cultural exchange. And whilst I am still considering the balloon idea that we’ve discussed previously, I am not sure how it could/should manifest itself (ie for what precise purpose, or whether, like love, it may be doomed to uncertainty and potential failure..) Maybe we could release balloons/a single balloon at both locations simultaneously…? Or perhaps I could send something through the mail to the tree… Maybe I send you a replica stencil of ‘I LOVE U’ and you could stencil your tree with ‘I LOVE U I LOVE U I LOVE U’??

I really think we should push this on and find a way of exchanging something that we’re both happy with… Let me know your thoughts

And, as always, best wishes



2 Responses to “16th June – Another response from Steve (in London) to Nida (in Lahore)”

  1. nidabangash said

    “Taweez” in this particular context are strictly religious but what we come up with can be totally different!

    let me contemplate on this and i shall get back to you!

    • steverosenthal said

      Excellent Nida – I look forward to your thoughts…. its quite strange as we here, in the West, we don’t often have places (outside of the home or temples) where religious acts are publicly carried out…

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