tring tring… Steve pick up your phone!

June 17, 2011

please leave your message after the beep…


Hello Hello

Q: Would they be solely religious or could they have been tied there for other reasons?

A: I believe they are solely religious in this context. but we can manipulate it into our own story…

the “exchange”  idea sounds intriguing. i like the stencil idea… keeping in mind a: the language barrier and b: questioning who we are talking to? as in who is the audience for the public intervention… do we want to get the point across? or should we even worry about it? i think this idea can be cooked more ( i’m thinking… im thinking)…

i discovered two  new facts/fiction about this Shrine! well the first one is definitly a fact… the tree is sticking out of a mosque right behind the shrine. its one building with single entrance but a different room. secondly it is said that Gujja Peer has healing powers. so people come here for Shifa- healing i saw a huge container filled with salt and i was told that the salt is taken for the very same purpose. so here is another string to hold on to may be?

lets think about it and call back…

i managed to take some pictures inside the shrine.. i sneaked in when the care taker was not around…

have a look!

"Charhawa" on the grave of Gujja.   




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