TBC Drawing Research for Catherine Wheel Alley

June 19, 2011

As has already been documented on the blog, TBC have been working on a new performative drawing piece in response to the space of Catherine Wheel Alley off Bishopsgate in London.  We have uploaded a PDF to WordPress documenting our research into the relationships between drawing, space and performance. The PDF also details the parameters we allowed ourselves to work in, such as the materials we considered using and different approaches we had to exploring the space. It is hoped that with the dimensions provided by Asif Kanji for the tunnel on the Lahore Slice, we will produce a similar drawing in London in response to that space. We thought that the description of the tunnel drew parallels with Catherine Wheel Alley, narrow, littered and a thoroughfare to the station.

Download PDF:

TBC Drawing Research

To view PDF on Issuu: Here


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