Car-‘PARK’ proposal clamped by The City of London ‘red tape’ brigade

June 29, 2011

Just thought I should post up the response (3rd June) from The City of London Authority, Assistant Traffic Manager – re my proposed idea for a temporary ‘Park’ space on the roof of the Whites Row Carpark, as this should explain why the proposal ground to a halt…

Dear Mr Rosenthal

There are a number of considerations that will need to be taken into account before we could allow your project to take place.

Risk Assessments: You will need to provide a comprehensive risk assessment. As the car park will have a high turn over of moving vehicles, your risk assessment will need to clearly outline what measures you intend to put in place to safe guard the safety of pedestrians. The risk assessment will need to be approved by the City’s Environmental Health Department to ensure it meets the required standards.

Traffic Management Plan: You will need to provide a traffic management plan that will outline the signage you intend to use to manage traffic and pedestrian flows within the car park.

Stewarding Plan: Your plan will need to show the stewarding arrangements you intend to put in place (such as directional advice to visitors). This will be required to ensure the safety of the car park users and any visitors to your exhibition.

Planning Permission: You may need to apply for planning permission as there will be a temporary change in use of the car park. I would therefore recommend you seek early advice on this.

Noise: You will need to consult with Tower Hamlets Environmental Health Service (Noise Pollution team). They will need to be reassured that nearby residents will be not be adversely affected by the noise, and that you have a procedure in place to deal with complaints and objections should they arise.

Indemnity: You will be required to indemnify the City against any damage sustained as a result of your temporary occupation of the car park. The cost of this is currently £300.

Public Liability Insurance: As the City’s Public Liability insurance does not cover such activities in a car park you will need your own liability insurance; a copy of the insurance certificate will be needed for the City’s insurers.

Advertising: You should note that the City does not allow advertising so you project must be free from all promotional materials

Parking Charges: There may be a cost incurred for the occupation of the parking spaces, which for White’s Row car park will be £28 per day per space. Concessions may apply if you are a registered charitable organisation.

Cleaning: There may be a cost for additional cleaning as a result of an increase in footfall traffic.

Security: The City of London Corporation would not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage sustained to your vehicle, equipment etc whilst using the car park

With regard to risk assessments, traffic management and stewarding plans, there are professional companies that can assist you with these. If you do not already have a company nominated, please let me know and I will endeavour to provide you some contact names and numbers. Once you have taken all the above factors into account, please contact me again so your request can be given further consideration. Unfortunately until we are in receipt of essential information such as risk assessments, insurance details and traffic management plans we are not in a position to say whether or not the car park can be used for your project.


Paul Symons
Assistant Traffic Manager
Department of Environmental Services, City of London


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