Everything has a story

June 29, 2011

BSK’s second session with Shamin was in a community room by Vallance Gardens. Shamim gave us all a story-telling workshop, using objects as launch-points, then people split into groups to start working on the stories the parents will tell their children for SLICE. We also did some useful practical planning, as we have to start turning this creative process into something specific that will work on screen.

And we saw a lovely trial version of a story in a matchbox.

We have another session coming soon, so more news then. But, for now, we have some photos to share.


One Response to “Everything has a story”

  1. Shamim Azad said

    We made 5 Match Box stories so far.
    These stories were based on some objects from small to big which tells these peoples involvement with the Historial Brady Arts centre that is standing out on our Slice Line:)

    I loved the way those mothers were telling stories to their children. This intergenerational project engaged BSK’s (www.bsklondon.co.uk) Drama wing too.

    These pictures were taken when we were in a chaotic session at Brady. The day was warm. The room was too small for 22 people!

    It was hot and sticky. 3 people were working in a group. Simon and Paul both were looking for photo opportunity but they could hardly make a move:(. I was trying hard to listen to children’s version of the story they just heard from their mums. The youngest Ammar was screaming, oldest Eila was helping other’s ignoring her mum Jesmin who was sitting baffold with a glue pot in her hand, Khadija was drawing pattenrs with Farah but she was playing with match sticks …, Shammee (the mum) was taking instructions from little Nuha… It was fun.

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