SLICE is an international project that will present twenty new artworks created in collaboration with UK and Pakistani artists. These will be shown on the web and as part of an interactive exhibition at Ideas Store Whitechapel, Rich Mix in Bethnal Green and the National College of Arts in Lahore. Thousands of people will get to experience them.

The project has been set up by Fatima Hussein from Other Asias and Simon Daw and Paul Burgess, both from Scale. Other Asias was created to challenge contemporary ideas about Asia; Scale is dedicated to collaborations that explore urban life. Both organisations bring with them a wide experience of international collaborations.

SLICE maps an imaginary line that cuts through buildings and across streets from Lahore to London, establishing a new dialogue with the social and physical fabric of two iconic, complex and historically linked cities. Focusing on the first mile at each end of the line, which runs from Lahore Central Station to Liverpool Street Station in London, a group of Lahore and London based artists will be invited to make a work each, inspired by a location on the slice. The artists will be from a wide variety of disciplines and include a choreographer, an architect, writers, video artists, sound artists and performers.

The project’s aim is to strengthen links between artists based in Lahore and London, to provide a launch-pad for future collaborations and, above all, to create an exciting and engaging new art project that is deeply rooted in two very different local communities. As well as working with various members of the community, artists on the project will meet budding young artists from one school in Lahore and one in London’s East End to help them to make their own work for the website and share ideas via an Internet video link between both countries.

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