Initial thoughts on my piece of the Slice:

This is the Banarsi Daas Building (as it says on the board). The alley next to the board leads us to this particular courtyard, adjacent to the railway tracks and the Apartment Housing Community. There is no photo documentation of this space because the project aims to produce a series of documents that will be organized in an archive. The architecture, activities and its links to the other parts help locate and study the nature of this particular point.  The documents produced will construct facts based on a 6-week experience and will be attributed to imaginary individuals, situations and scenarios. This archive will not be produced and examined through the conventional approach of fiction and non-fiction.

For now, the focus of this built archive can be classified into three aspects.

-The elements of the courtyard that construct it. (bricks/plaster/windows/doors/staircases/children/water pump/the light etc)

-The happenings of the courtyard that generate activity and income.

-The rail track that links it to other places.

For all of you who haven’t been to this Point, will have to wait for the archive to be produced to be able to experience the space. More to come ! ! ! 🙂