My project :initial draft

… story of “slice” 1940-2011…

The project is about life with its dynamic phases.It is about the sounds that one stores in his mind while passing through the seasons of life/age.
It is about how and what makes a man happy .A real life story of a man who spent his life on a machine which cuts fodder for the cattle,horses etc and later he turned it into a timber shop.
The project will define and drive the story through sounds .It is about a man who spent more than 80 years of his life in the area we have marked as SLICE (Lahore).
The “sound design” will be a combination or fusion of sounds which triggers my mind while grasping the moments of life lived by a lahori(ee) old man.It will also carry the vocabulary of sounds that he listened and still remembered as an emotional attachment.


I went to walk -slice- and immediately hit by a -nostalgic burst- .Though it was the first time of my life that i walked on the roads of the area we marked as slice but believe me it takes you some where.I don’t know how true u would think it is cuz on the surface it is as noisy, overly populated and kinda unhealthy environment as any other down town area u would think of,but it has that “period effect” if u know what i mean.So i started asking(few) shop keepers as if ,how long have they been living here etc and got many interesting answers and in the quest of finding the real story of the area i luckily went to this timber shop (pointed out by a man at a public bath).

The shop is owned by an 80 year old man who has 4 sons and two daughters . The man himself is quite a character he can make u laugh or can very easily touch your emotional notes with his unmatched quality of telling stories.The man never went to school in his life but has been deeply profound in his thoughts and routine discussion.He (on his own) comes to the shop very early, around 5-6 am and later joined but his sons.He has lived all his life in the heart of Lahore and has seen most of the memorable events/moments that Lahore has gone through in the last 100 years. A man who has no regrets in his life but don’t even want to imagine, having a new or another life cuz he does not want to live in dreams or imaginative world.He shared a lot of new (and first hand ) information about the culture of the city.So I m hoping to explore his world with my sound design although the whole process is so unpredictable that i can hardly tell (at this very moment) as how and where the project is going to end…….