Everything has a story

June 29, 2011

BSK’s second session with Shamin was in a community room by Vallance Gardens. Shamim gave us all a story-telling workshop, using objects as launch-points, then people split into groups to start working on the stories the parents will tell their children for SLICE. We also did some useful practical planning, as we have to start turning this creative process into something specific that will work on screen.

And we saw a lovely trial version of a story in a matchbox.

We have another session coming soon, so more news then. But, for now, we have some photos to share.


Today I went to a meeting with Shamim and Bishwo Shahitto Kendro (BSK) at the Brady Centre, an East End arts centre through which the slice passes. It was very exciting – a grassroots group from the Bangladeshi diaspora engaged with various art forms. They’re going to work with Shamim and a visual artist called Zaman to explore Shamim’s idea of parents telling their children stories. There were lots of ideas and a great variety of different skills in the room – music, art, drama… We probably could have come up with a whole new slice project. I hope we’ll continue to work with BSK when we come to develop the outreach aspects of the projec.

But first things first. We’re meeting again this Sunday to start work…

Here are a couple of photos of the group, plus the Brady Centre. Oh and there was a gorgeous evening light over the eastern end of the slice, so I’m sharing a picture of that as well.